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LOans 101

Business Consultation


Let's discuss your goals and your unique financial situation.

Office Work


Together we gather all the data we need to lead us to the best lending products for you.



We'll present you with customized lending options for your new home, business or investment.

TErms defined

Wondering what all those funny lending terms mean?

CD - Closing disclosure

DTI - Debt to Income

FICO - Credit ratio, credit score

GFE - Good faith estimate

IO - Interest only

LA - Loan amount

LB - Loan balance

LE - Loan estimate

Loan Mod - Loan modification

LTV - Loan to value

MI - Mortgage insurance

Pre Approval - when I go over financial numbers to assess qualification without verifying documentation

Approval - Running credit, verifying documentation to assess approval prior to getting into contract

Non QM - Non qualified mortgage

QM - Qualified mortgage

Initial Disclosures - Initial Disclosures are not legally binding, but a borrower must sign them, acknowledging receipt of the documents. These can only be changed once they are signed and borrowers get disclosed many times throughout the loan process.

CIC - Change In Circumstance

CTC - Clear to Close

4506T - Signed form allowing tax transcripts to be pulled by the lender

Reserve Requirement - The amount of money required by the lender that you have saved that cannot be applied to the down payment or closing costs.

LOE - Letter of Explanation

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