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PRODUCTS & Lending Scenarios

common lending scenarios

Cross Collateralization

Up to 100% financing may be available with a cross collateral loan. When there is sufficient equity in the currently owned residence, a cross collateral loan may allow the borrower to: 

- Purchase a new property without selling their current residence

JUMBO Financing


Jumbo loans are loans above the high balance conforming loan limit, which is dependent by county. These loans are designed for higher home prices in a competetive housing market. Fixed Rate, Adjustable rate, and interest only options. 

There are deposit relationship options to bring money over to the lender in order to obtain a lower rate. 


Borrowers can take out home construction loans for a variety of construction projects, including to build a new home or renovate an existing home. In some cases, borrowers seek a home loan for construction when they already own a piece of property where they plan to build a primary residence. The common types of residential construction loans are:

- Ground up Construction

- Construction to permanent or single close

- Construction take-out

- Construction Completion

- Lot and Construction

- Rehab/Renovation/Remodel 

Non - QM Financing

Non Qualifying Mortgage Financing is readily availible for out of the box income situations allowing us to qualify borrowers who do not qualify conventionally. Non QM products include: 

- Full Doc Programs that do not meet conforming guidelines due to FICO, DTI, credit event or property type

- Bank Statement Programs: 12 or 24 months, personal or business bank statement programs

- Asset Depletion: Borrowers assets are used to help in DTI qualification (if assets are enough to qualify, tax returns not required)

- DSCR (Rents to Qualify): allows for clients to qualify based on rental analysis to determine peoperty cash flow

Pay off Debt with Cash Out

Secure a loan to pay off other debts or have cash reserves for financial security and home improvements.

Second Home Purchase

I can increase your purchasing power with as little as 10% down. 

Multi - Family

I can help secure multi-family financing investment financing. 

Want to purchase a home while selling another? 

Bridge, private, cross collateralization,  or departing residence loans can help you with your purchase while awaiting the sale of your current property.

Super JUMBO Financing

Super Jumbo Loans are for loan amounts that are over 5 million and can go up to 30 million. They offer the flexibility of finacning with less restrictions. They are availible for primary residences, second homes, and investment properties. 


We provide tailored financing on a variety of property types including:

- Office Buildings

- Warehouses

-- Industrial

- Mixed Use

- Retail properties

Private Financing

Looking for all cash fast? We can make it happen with both Residential and commercial properties and can generate same day approvals. All cash is secured by real estate. 

Tax Benefits

Enjoy huge savings. You can deduct both mortgage interest and property taxes from your annual income.

There are many beneficial reasons to purchase a home. Please consult an accountant or consult our referral partner Anthony Price, CPA. 

Anthony Price, CPA

(208) 277-7733

First Time Home Buyer

Buying a home is a huge life event, having a great loan broker at your side will insure you have the best purchasing power.


15, 20, 25, 30, 40 year loans

Apartment buildings

Asset Depletion

Asset Utilization


Bank Statement

Bridge Loans


Cash out



Condotel loans

Conforming ($484,350)


Construction take out loan


Delayed Financing

Expat and Foreign National


Foreign Loans

High Balance Conforming

Hobby Farms

Home equity line


Interest Only


Jumbo Loan 

Mixed Use



Private Money


Reverse 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange



Trust Income

USDA Loans



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